Pillow Bag

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  • Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Pillow Pouch

    Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Pillow Pouch

    This kind of pillow bag packaging is for those customers whom did not buy such filling & packing equipment,  this pre-made  pillow bag is much more convenient for them to pack their products. And the sealing position of the pillow bags made by Baojiali are much more flatter and better tightness than pack on the automatic packaging machines. This is depends on the customers’ demand.If you already bought the automatic back form filling seal machine then you can buy the roll stock film from us instead of  buy the pillow bags. It will save lots of cost.

  • Custom printed pillow bag

    Custom printed pillow bag

    The most special feature of this pillow plastic bag is even if the middle layer material is MPET, we can still make this bag with a window. And this window can be any shape.

  • Printed Film for pillow bag packaging

    Printed Film for pillow bag packaging

    Our company’s automatic packaging film can use on the multi-lane back sealing packing machine, vertical form fill seal machine(VFFS) , Horizontakl form fill seal machine (HFFS) and so on. Its depends on customers requirement.