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Operation Process of Changing Shoes and Clothes

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Step 1

Sit on the shoe cabinet, take off your casual shoes,and put them in the outer shoe cabinet

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Step 2

Sit on the shoe cabinet, rotate your body 180°backward, cross the shoe cabinet, turn into the inner shoe cabinet,take out your work shoes and replace them

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Step 3

After changed on the work shoes, enter the dressing room, open the locker door, change off the casual clothes and put on the work clothes

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Step 4

Check whether the equipment and tools required for work are complete, and then lock the cabinet door to enter the hand washing and disinfection room

Instruction Diagram for Hand Washing & Disinfection

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Step 1

Wash your hands with hand sanitizer and rinse with water

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Step 2

Put your hands under the automatic dryer for drying

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Step 3

Then put the dried hands under the automatic alcohol spray sterilizer for disinfection

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Step 4

Enter the Class 100,000 GMP workshop

              Special attention: Mobile phones, lighters, matches and inflammables are strictly prohibited when entering the workshop.                                   Accessories (such as Rings / Necklaces / Earrings / Bracelets, etc.) are not allowed. Make up and nail polish are not allowed.

Passage of GMP Workshop

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Production Process


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Automatic Overprint System

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Real-Time Color Matching

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On-Line Inspection System


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Inspection During Process

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Bag Making

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Finished Products Inspection

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The Lab

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Leak Testing

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Tensile Strength Testing

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Microbe Breeding

Material Storage

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Raw Material warehouse

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Finished product warehouse

Goods Ready for Dispatch

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