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Who We Are

SINCE 1996

LOCATED IN CHAO'AN DISTRICT, CHAOZHOU CITY,GUANGDONG,CHINA BAOJIALI NEW MATERIAL (GUANG DONG) LTD. is the manufacturer regarding "ECO Printing" as its core strategy, which specialized in research and development, production and sales of the modern flexible packaging.Also dedicates to do the printing and lamination for the PET, BOPP, CPP, PE, BOPA, Pearlized Film, Matte Film Shrink Film, Paper, etc. At the same time can provide slitting and bag forming all in one service.Do our best to provide the BEST PACKAGING SOLUTION for our customers.

What We Do

Based on customer market demand, BJL has equipped with 11 high-tech production lines, two of them are the advanced BOBST RS3.0 high-speed gravure printer which introduced from Switzerland.This equipment adopt the technology of the electronic shaft driving and automatic overprint, base material double-sided drying, for ensures the high speed printing and reduces the waste of material and the residual solvent. Meanwhile equipped with more than 10 online inspection systems supplied by HangZhou Digital Innovation, real-time comparison and monitoring in the production process, to achieved high quality printing process requirements.


Currently BJL have equipped with over 10 lamination machines which has included dry lamination, extrusion lamination, cold seal coating and non-solvent lamination machine which namely Nordmeccanica imported from Italy. Effectively improving the production efficiency,  production cost controlling, and provide customers with efficient and high-quality products.

Roll stock and variety styles of premade pouches are providing to meet with different packaging requirements from customers. For this reason, BJL has equipped with automatic bag making machines for side seal pouch, pillow pouch, side gusset pouch, stand up pouch and flat bottom pouch etc.
In the GMP production environment, the bag making workshop can produces more and better package for customers.


Physical and chemical laboratory

In the independent management system which focusing on product quality and health safety, BJL has invested a lot of funds, talents and equipment to establish a standard physical and chemical laboratory in line with GMP management specifications.The laboratory has various functional tests such as tensile & bonding strength test, dart drop impact test, solvent residue test, WVTR and OTR test, which provides sufficient quality assurance for the products.

Why choose us

The certificates

BJL owns ISO9001, ISO14001,ISO22000 BRC,and other Patent Certificates.


Our Partner

Rely on its advance technology, strict management & high quality products, BJL have established reliable and stable business relationship with many well-know enterprise all over the world, such as  Lindt、Nestle、Twinings、SPB,  Pepsi Co, COFCO Corporation, Mengniu Diary, Yili , PanPan Foods, WeiLong Foods, Three Squirrels etc.

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